Session 3b: The Mystery Thickens in Hillbarrow

The adventure began on the 9th day of Gaol, in the year 1275 LP.

Raz parted ways with the others and began the journey back to Hillbarrow. As the sun rose in the sky and he pulled into Hoppenhead, Raz thought about how much had changed in a mere 48 hours. He stabled his horse at Foran’s inn, and stashed the sack of heads beneath a bale of hay in the stable.

When he walked in he greeted Foran the bartender and chatted with the regulars. He heard that refugees from the north had begun travelling south to Goldleaf. Meanwhile an Imperial envoy had been sent from Goldleaf to Fogon to try and broker peace in the region. This struck Raz as unusual since storm season was near and there was a good chance the envoy would be trapped in the north for weeks until the storms passed or be forced to the eastern overland pass to make it home; a lengthy and costly journey.

The next day Raz rode out to Hillbarrow. The hardest part of his journey was going to be sneaking the sack of heads into the city. Raz decided to collect as much manure as he could between Hoppenhead and Hillbarrow and shove it into the sacks with the heads. By the time he reached Hillbarrow he had 3 large bags loaded with manure. Disguising himself as a poor villager delivering fertilizer for a nobleman’s courtyard, the guards waived him through quickly.

Raz rode straight to Tipsy and Maven’s and delivered the heads in the sacks to Dentros and collected his bounty. While there he overheard a young woman named Lisene talking to Dentros, inquiring about a large oafish boy carrying a non-descript shield. Dentros said he didn’t know anybody fitting that description. The woman mentioned that she was working on behalf of the High Septon of the Church, and that any attempts to hide information might have “spiritual repercussions”. Dentros laughed at her and said he would keep his eyes and ears open for any news he could report back to her next time she was in town.

Raz collected the bounty and departed for Sembaline the next day.



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