Session 5: The Shaman's Dilemna

The adventure began on the 16th day of Gaol in the year 1275 LP.

The characters raced across the wildlands, desperate for anyone that could heal their friend, Rigg. As he bled out across the plains the situation became more dire.

Finally, when all hope was lost, they encountered a single Korum shaman, sitting in the middle of the plains. As they approached he simply said, “The spirits foretold your coming. Bring me your friend so that I may heal him.”

Scooping up a clump of dirt and grass from the earth he pressed it deeply into Rigg’s wounds. Then he used some herbs and water to make a paste that applied to Rigg’s chest and began chanting and inscribing runes in the ground.

He told the party to make camp since they were not going to be moving for awhile.

For 10 days they camped there, tending to Rigg as he slipped into fever and delirium and hovered on the edge of death.

The shaman’s name was Taras and he was a member of the Eagle Claw tribe. Every once in awhile Eagle Claw tribesmen would come bearing food and supplies for the party.

On the tenth day a young tribesmen came riding into their camp exclaiming that Taras was needed in the village and they had to leave. After a brief discussion with the youth, Taras grimly told the party that they would have to move Rigg and hope for the best. After gathering their things they headed for the encampment.

Once they got there they became embroiled in the political struggles of the tribe. A number of tribesmen were urging to wage war on the Lorathians and the Thain of the tribe seemed angry at Taras for bringing the party to the camp.

Rigg revived and Taras told them that a group of tribesmen had gone to Misgarad and returned changed people. This was when the trouble started in the tribe. The party decided to go with him to Misgarad and try and discover the source of the problems.

The party set off for Misgarad the next day. That night Taras communed with Boromulus, the Lord of the Plains, an aurox of great age and wisdom. He explained that the great serpent Naga Loth had taken over Misgarad and swayed the people there to her cause. They needed to defeat Naga Loth to end the spell over the Korum tribes.



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