Session 6: The Path to Misgarad

The adventure started on the 28th day of Gaol, in the year 1275.

The party headed to Misgarad with Taras the Shaman

Along the way they were attacked by Korum tribesmen and learned that Taras could transform into a bear.

They met a merchant leaving Misgarad on a horse drawn cart. He seemed to be under some sort of spell and did not notice them. Raz stole aboard his cart and found casks of sweet smelling liquid and some odd sticky rice-like grain in a sack. After getting annoyed at the grain sticking to his clothing, he rubbed it off on Valdis. Immediately Valdis began hallucinating that he was getting attacked and began swinging wildly. In the process of subduing him, Valdis hit the sack of grain, spilling its contents on to the party. Taras began hallucinating as well and transformed into bear form during the rampage.

In the process of subduing Taras, he was killed by the poisonous liquid in the casks. The party unsuccessfully tried to revive him.



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