Session 7: Welcome to Misgarad

The adventure started on the 29th day of Gaol, 1275 LP.

Taras was dead, still trapped in bear form.

Boromulus came that night and explained that his soul was trapped in the spirit world and could not be freed until Naga Loth’s poison was expelled from his system. To do this, the party would have to obtain a fang from Naga Loth’s mouth and use it to make a salve to apply to Taras.

The party set off for Misgarad. When they got there they found the ruins being repaired by members of an offshoot religious sect known as the Circulists.

Raz entered the city disguised as a pilgrim to do recon. Meanwhile the other party members met a Ranger of Oakfall, known as Torlun Ravenclaw. Torlun explained that the Circulists were protesters that had fled the teachings of the LP Church and were labeled as heretics. The rangers were scouting to determine if the sect represented a danger to nearby Oakfall or if they could be left alone.

After Raz returned they entered the ruins at night to scout around the town while the pilgrims were in the central ziggurat conducting their religious worship. In the town they encountered a hideous monster with the torso of a human and the legs of a serpent. They battled the creature and defeated him, but barely had time to hide the battle before the mass let out, and the pilgrims headed home for the night.



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