The Party Meets

The adventure began on the 5th day of Gaol, in the year 1275 LP.

Through a series of events, the various members of the party find themselves in the LP Church in Hillbarrow at the same time requesting an audience with a local cleric named Delel the Sage. As a young acolyte left to find him, it was discovered that Delel had been murdered in his quarters.

After being questioned by Ferris, Captain of the Hillbarrow Guard the characters were let go. They spoke to a young acolyte who gave them a little bit of insight into Delel’s reputation among the priesthood. Delel was a historian who funded expeditions into the wild lands. The PCs made inquiry into how to get in touch with the adventurers that Delel funded and were told to head to Tipsy and Mavens a local tavern that catered to some of the rougher segments of Hillbarrow.

The characters went to Tipsy & Mavens, and it became apparent that Raz had some prior dealings with one of the regulars that frequented the establishment, a man named Dentros Malarm. Dentros claimed to know who murdered Delel. He also claimed to have it on good authority that the murderers were heading to Salaram’s Tower, a ruin about two days ride from Hillbarrow. He offered 100 gold pieces for each head the PCs can bring back for him.

Raz offered to secure horses for the group and told them to meet him the next day at noon. Everyone left to equip themselves. Marlin scheduled an appointment with a high ranking priest of the Church for the next morning and went off by himself to the meeting. The first session ended with the PCs agreeing to meet up in pursuit of the murderers.



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