The Septon's Hand


Physically, Lisene is striking. Her skin is a smooth ivory white, and her lips are full and red. Her hair is the deepest jet black imaginable. But her most striking feature is her eyes. A bright purple in color, they seem to glow from underneath the hood of her stormcloak.

Usually she is seen wearing a white tunic with the blue circle of the Church on the chest. Underneath she is clad in a chainmail hauberk that reaches down mid thigh. Her leather leggings and boots are well kept, but worn. She carries a sword with ease


Little is known about Lisene other than her “unofficial” title as “Hand of the High Septon”. She’s a devout member of the Church and the High Septon trusts her completely. She carries herself with the fluid grace of a deadly warrior. She is soft spoken but rarely are her commands questioned.


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