Hindl & Vornhim

elven-forged, Kaleromadi throwing axes

weapon (ranged)


Hindl and Vornhim are identical throwing axes. They are made of black steel and have a dark green filigree of vines and leaves crawling along the edge of the axe blade, and wrapping down the handle. The axes are perfectly balanced for throwing and have a comfortable grip of black, padded leather. Both the blade and the grip seem impervious to wear.


Hindl and Vornhim were forged in the treeflame of the city of Idris, seat of the elven empire. They were forged in the time of the second elven dynasty. They were conceived as a coming of age gift for young Prince Finrian Telemar, the eventual heir to the elven throne. They were used during his first boar hunt to prove his worth to ascend to the throne. From then on they were his constant companion, even after he ascended to the throne.

After being beseiged and captured by human warlords during the Nujem Skirmishes, a family of Kaleromadi smuggled Lord Finrian out of the prison camps in exchange for permission to pass through the Great Forest evermore. So touched was he by the bravery and cunning of the Kaleromadi that he named them his “emissaries in the west lands”. He gave them the twin axes and told them they were always welcome in Idris, forever after.


Both axes are elven axes of throwing +2. They do double damage when thrown, and are +2 to hit, +2 to damage. They return to the thrower by the start of the following round. The axes simply materialize in the thrower’s hand, and this occurs regardless of the intervening actions.

The axes also have the ability to conceal the holder’s trail while traveling through woodland areas. In addition, the axes can guide the holder to Idris, the elven city without fail.


Hindl & Vornhim

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