Creation Mythos

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In the beginning there was only Hyphedion, the Tytan. He existed in the Void. Despairing from loneliness, he split himself into thirds. The first third he crafted into a sphere named Loerth (the planet Lorathia exists on) that he set in motion. With the second third he created a son from his loneliness and despair. The final third, his logic and will, he made into another son. His last act breathed life into the twins he created and gifted them Loerth to do with as they would. It is through the sacrifice of Hyphedion that all came into being. The twin created from loneliness and despair named himself Noradin and created the skies and the seas of Lorathia and declared himself ruler of them. The twin created from logic and will named himself Ormagh and created the heavens and the Hall of Valhor for the gods to reside in.

Ormagh, aware of his brother’s tempestuous nature, sought to create a wise council of gods and created Saruna as his wife, and gave her the sun for her to rule. They had three children; Arun, Grumm, and Lindura. Seeking domains for them to rule, Ormagh approached his brother and proposed that if Noradin would gift his children a portion of Lorathia, Ormagh would gift Noradin a piece of the heavens for his sons, Entros and Carthus Magus. This pact would bind the twins for eternity.

Ormagh agreed and on the portions that he gifted to Arun, Grumm and Lindura he raised the land out of the sea. Ormagh is fickle and jealous and that is why, to this day the sea and sky assault the land and try to reclaim it for their own (hurricanes, erosion, floods). In return, Noradin received the moon sisters, Lora and Luana as brides for his sons. That is why the sea tides follow the moons and why magic waxes and wanes with the moons as well since the sisters have the affections of Entros and Carth Magus.

On the land, Grumm took the fires and the mountains and burrowed deep into the earth where he created the dwarves and had them bring the fires to the surface for all the races. Lindura with her soothing ways, forged an alliance with Ormagh and brought rivers and streams to the land so that the animals did not thirst or starve. She created humans to work the lands. She pleaded with Grumm to craft farming implements for the humans, and farming became possible.

Arun created the forests and Loros, the wolf spirit to patrol the forests and protect them, and the elves as well. As a gift Ormagh created the animals and gave portions of them to each of his children. Lindura gained the domesticated ones, Arun gained the wild ones, and Grumm gained the subterranean and mountainous creatures, including the most powerful of all, the dragons. To control these animals he gave each god a symbol of command. For Arun, he crafted a horn, that he could use to call the hunt or summon any of his loyal creatures. To Lindura he gave a yoke, that would instantly tame any beast, and to Grumm he gave a trident that could conjure a prison to contain any creature.

Carth Magus, on hearing of the gifts that were given to Ormagh’s sons, convinced his brother Entros that Ormagh intended for the siblings to rule over all of Lorathia, otherwise he would’ve given gifts to Noradin’s sons that commanded control of the creatures of the sea. Carth Magus proposed that the sons of Noradin steal the magical items and enslave Grumm and Arun. Entros could take Lindura as his second bride as well. First, they sought to steal the trident from Grumm. Carth Magus disguised himself as Lindura and convinced Grumm that she would borrow the trident so that the dragons could help build cities for mankind. Grumm handed the trident over and Carth Magus stole it away to Entros who used the trident to command a terrible war on Lorathia. The united forces of elves, dwarves, and man beat back the dragons and subterranean creatures but the powers warped the world and created the dark races (orcs, gnolls, ogres, and giants).

The trident was taken from Entros by Noradin in a fit of rage for violating the pact of the greater gods. Entros and Carth Magus were banished. The trident, being too powerful an item, was hidden from view. Enraged the moon sisters gnashed their teeth and wailed, creating the tidal forces that affect the coasts today. Magic and dragons were banished from the land and the dark races were left to fend for themselves. It is believed that one day Entros and Carth Magus will free themselves from banishment, the dragons will awaken and magic will return to the land in force. At this point Entros and Carth Magus will seek revenge for their imprisonment and chaos will reign.

Creation Mythos

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