Gondolel is known as the “The Raised City” or the “Bulwark of the North” because the city is built on two separate levels. Sometime in ages long past a massive coral wall and a platform were erected out of the Lerian Sea. The doctrines of the Church say that the legendary hero Umzal, blessed by Ormagh himself, raised the reef out of the ocean and battled the Kraken atop the platform. Every drop of blood the Kraken shed transformed into hideous sea creatures that the armies of men rose up to fight. The battle lasted for 2 years. At the end, the city of Gondolel was founded atop the platform. The lower city is known as Gondol.

Regardless, over time the city has grown beyond the coral platform and down to the rocky coastline below. It has become a city of two, the rich and powerful atop the platform, sheltered from the storms to a greater degree, and the peasants and workers below, who ply the waters for fish, and craft simple items out of the skull of the ramfish that swarm in the coastal waters.


Ramfish are an integral part of the Gondolel culture. These large white fish are a staple in the local cuisine, used to make soups, fish oil broths, and stews. The average ramfish is ~20 lbs and has a thick skullbone that has ivory-like qualities, making it ideal for carving and polishing into unique works of art, or into small tools.

The fish are also smoked and salted and shipped to other cities as well.

Lantern Festival of Gondolel

celebrated on the eve of the winter solstice, the Lantern Festival of Gondolel is a city wide festival where children create paper lanterns and march them down to the water to set them afloat. The children’s parade is accompanied by musicians and dancers and jugglers and the city streets are filled with food vendors and entertainment of all sorts. The festival celebrates the end of storm season, honors the dead and reminds the city to look optimistically to the coming year.


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