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The primary gods worshipped by the LPC are The Five. As part of their theological studies clerics may specialize in the teachings of one particular god, or even choose to study The Outsiders and their teachings, but all clerics of the Church pledge their faith to The Five and aim to further their teachings.

Holy Texts

The primary holy text is the Vashana, a collection of stories and parables from ancient history, as well as a collection of doctrines and customs that are encouraged by the Church. Primary among these are selfless servitude and commitment to order and law in the face of absolute chaos. The belief that the gods will reward those who are just and punish those who are wicked, and that the desires of the gods can manifest in the physical world. The dragon cycles are seen as a test of the faithful and many of the stories center around how various heroes reacted in the face of fantastic horrors.


Church symbol

The primary symbol of the Church is a blue Circle on a field of white representing the all encompassing divinity of Ormagh, as well as the cycle of Wyrms and Tempests.

Church Hierarchy

The hierarchy of the Church is as follows:

Lord Patriarch (1) – the final arbiter in all matters of faith. Currently Denlor Mons, a 55 year old man who has been in this position for 15 years.

The Council of Septons – a ten person council with authority over all non-theological duties concerning the running of the Church. Comprised of 2 clerics of faith dedicated to each member of The Five.

Bishops – clerics of faith that lord over various regions of the Lorathian Empire. There is typically at least on Bishop for each major city and its surrounding areas. Bishops usually lord over a flock of 25000 or so peasants and gentry.

Priests – there are typically ~3-4 priests in each church in Lorathia.

Monks – clerics of the church tasked with protecting the knowledge and holy relics of the Faith. These are scholarly priests who have devoted their lives to recording and archiving knowledge.

Holy Orders

  • Order of Arun
  • Order of Lindura
  • Grummsmoot
  • The Wailing Sisters
  • The Benefactors of Mercy
  • The Edicts of Patriarch – an order of priests tasked with venturing in to the Wildlands to the south and north to seek out the barbarian hordes and pacify and convert them. These priests tend to be tough and rugged and do not shy away from painful tasks.

Teonic Knights

Teonic knights sigil

The Teonic Knights are a military order created by the Pathonic Church to serve as the military might of the Church when necessary. They serve as an honor guard to the church clergy, and man mission outposts at the edges of the Empire.

Teonic Knights are always wearing a white sleeveless vestment with a 3 part circle of royal blue. The three parts represent the sons and daughter of Ormagh, as well as the three Orders of the knights. Teonic Knights are required to take a vow of chastity, a vow of charity, and a vow of obedience.

The Order of Teonic Knights are:

1. The Order of the Trident

2. The Order of the Horn

3. The Order of the Yoke

The Hierarchy of the Teonic Knights:

1. Grande Baliff de Cirgle – head of the Teonic Knights and representative of the Knights at Court as well as during Church Council meetings.

2. Knight Grande de Cirgle -there are one of these for every Order of the Teonic Knights. Females are known as Dame Grande.

3. Knight Grande Commander de Cirgle – there are 5 of these for every Order of the Teonic Knights. Females are known as Dame Grande Commanders.

4. Knight or Dame – there are approximately 100 of these for every Order, assigned 20 to a Knight Grande Commander.

5. Squire/Serving Sister/Serving Brother – these are the younger acolytes of the Church that are assigned to the Teonic Knights. Each knight is assigned a squire, and the serving brothers and sisters take care of the needs of the Order (cooking, cleaning, sewing, medical needs) as well as administering on the battlefield in the aftermath of battles.

Lorathian Pathonic Church

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