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Introduction to Lorathia

This page serves as a general introduction to Lorathia. Consider this the common knowledge that the average Lorathian peasant has. The campaign takes place in the Lorathian Empire in the year 1275 LP (Loras Patrinus), in the Fourth Cycle of the Dragon, under the reign of Juros Chalim III.

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Deities and Religion

There are many gods on Lorathia, but only one church; The Lorathian Pathonic Church. The church acknowledges all gods but pays homage to The Five. For details of the pantheon see the Creation Mythos. Also see the List of Deities.

Lorathian Empire

Lorathia is a continental empire on the planet Loerth. It is circled by two moons, Lora (red) and Luana (blue). The moons have an elliptical orbit and are large moons close to the planet surface. Because of this when the moons are in alignment the gravitational forces have a large impact on the planetary weather systems. Violent storms rage across the land, and tornadoes and hurricanes become common. Sea trade is impossible during this time with the exception of two trade routes from Redtooth to Gondolel or Daggerfall. This Season of Tempests rages for approximately 2 months every year during the end of the summer/early fall and causes massive devastation.

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Lorathian Calendar and Zodiac


Dragons feature prominently in the history of Lorathia but are no longer present. No living person has ever seen a dragon. At various points in time dragons have risen from the earth and sea and laid waste to whole sections of the world. These periods mark the beginnings of a new Dragon Cycle as described by historians. Typically, in the rebuilding that follows the dragons departing, new liege families rise to power, new cities are formed, and even new laws are drafted. Because of this, blackened ruins and abandoned strongholds dot the landscape in various places.

Dragons are widely viewed as the minions of Entros. It is widely believed that the dragons will rise again, but why this occurs or when it occurs is unknown.

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