Races and Cultures

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Races of Loerth

1. Humans – the predominant race on the continent. The Lorathian Empire has very few demihuman citizens who pay fealty to the Emperor.

2. Elves – the elven kingdom is said to reside in the Great Forest to the east. The truth is no human has ever been able to find it. Elves wandering Lorathia are rare and those willing to speak candidly about the elven kingdom are even rarer.

3. Dwarves – the dwarven kingdom is much more involved in the affairs of man. The capitol of the kingdom is Dornhammer, a city located in the Rhi mountains (aka the Dragontooth) to the west along the coast. Dwarves are prized for their craftsmanship, mechanical inventions and their longships which give them command of the Endurian Ocean between Syurndel and Rilander. It is even rumored that valiant dwarven crews will take to the ocean during the mightiest of Tempests, but this has never been substantiated. Heavy trade in finished goods and raw commodities takes place between the dwarven kingdom and Lorathia, most of it coming through Denthelm. Dwarven merchant caravans are always well guarded, and the mountain trails back to Dornhammer are well hidden. Few humans have been there, but those that have speak of monstrous cavern complexes with incredible irrigation and venting tunnels that create a vibrant and rich city the envy of Grumm himself.

4. Orcs – orcs are the chaos spawn of Entros. Little is known about their culture other than they are intelligent, shrewd tacticians, with a mean streak a mile wide. Their weaponry and armor are surprisingly sophisticated given their savage culture. It is known they live north of the Crags and come south on occasion to raid the human settlements. A contingent of Lorathian troops has been stationed at Fort Everguard to protect the empire from orcs. Devonwatch and its settlements have suffered the brunt of the border skirmishes. Orcs will typically raid small villages looking for finished goods like silks, spices, cattle, and farming tools and then retreat through the Crags. In the process it is not uncommon for them to kidnap slaves and rape women along the way. Because of this there are a few half-orcs in Lorathia. Most of these are killed at childbirth, but a few others live either in slavery or as despised second class citizens.

5. Trolls – rarely seen, trolls are rumored to be large (10’ tall), grotesque humanoids that wield great magics and delight in causing misery and suffering to humans that become ensnared in their plans.

6. Giants – rumored to live on the other side of The Crags, giants are mysterious creatures that tower over humans and demi-humans and wield great powers.

7. The Fey – an assortment of faerie-folk that little is known about. Stories about these creatures change from village to village and their motives range from benevolent and peaceful to malicious and cruel.

Human Subcultures

Kaleromadi – a culture of nomadic caravaners that roam the hillsides around Hillbarrow. Kaleromadi are will travel from village to village and offer their wares and services. Kaleromadi wander in circus families, mercenary groups, bards, knife sharpeners, street cooks and vendors, dancers, knife throwers, jugglers, fences, fortune tellers, prostitutes, gamblers, crime rings and many other trades. They are viewed suspiciously wherever they go, as they are often linked with criminal syndicates and slave trading. They are a tight knit community and the tribes are united along family lines. Their society is highly matriarchal.

Ruskin Tribes – savage barbarians that live in the Rhi mountains.

Korum Tribes – savage barbarians that live south of Hillbarrow in the grasslands and the southern reaches of the Great Forest (that extends to the south and east of the Empire). These barbarians frequently clash with Lorathians as they are continuously raiding cattle and sheep from the villages. They are tall and long-limbed. They are expert horsemen. They tend to be pale, and fair haired.

Lorathians – citizens of the Empire are known as Lorathians. Lorathians exist in a feudal society with peasants, serfs, slaves, merchants, and aristocracy. Slavery is not common due to the harsh weather conditions making slaves expensive to keep and a risky investment. For information on the various social castes check out A Day in the Life of a Lorathian

Races and Cultures

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