Session 8: The Pilgrims Conspire

The adventure started on the 30th day of Gaol, 1275 LP.

The party learned that the LP Church had declared the Circulists as heretics. The Septon’s Hand Lisene was heading towards Misgarad with an army of several hundred Teonic Knights and infantry.

After being recruited into defending Misgarad from the Church, the party discovered the armory and printing presses setup beneath the ziggurat. They also discovered the tunnels beneath the ziggurat.

They left the Circulists preparing for battle and headed into the tunnels beneath the temple.

Session 7: Welcome to Misgarad

The adventure started on the 29th day of Gaol, 1275 LP.

Taras was dead, still trapped in bear form.

Boromulus came that night and explained that his soul was trapped in the spirit world and could not be freed until Naga Loth’s poison was expelled from his system. To do this, the party would have to obtain a fang from Naga Loth’s mouth and use it to make a salve to apply to Taras.

The party set off for Misgarad. When they got there they found the ruins being repaired by members of an offshoot religious sect known as the Circulists.

Raz entered the city disguised as a pilgrim to do recon. Meanwhile the other party members met a Ranger of Oakfall, known as Torlun Ravenclaw. Torlun explained that the Circulists were protesters that had fled the teachings of the LP Church and were labeled as heretics. The rangers were scouting to determine if the sect represented a danger to nearby Oakfall or if they could be left alone.

After Raz returned they entered the ruins at night to scout around the town while the pilgrims were in the central ziggurat conducting their religious worship. In the town they encountered a hideous monster with the torso of a human and the legs of a serpent. They battled the creature and defeated him, but barely had time to hide the battle before the mass let out, and the pilgrims headed home for the night.

Session 6: The Path to Misgarad

The adventure started on the 28th day of Gaol, in the year 1275.

The party headed to Misgarad with Taras the Shaman

Along the way they were attacked by Korum tribesmen and learned that Taras could transform into a bear.

They met a merchant leaving Misgarad on a horse drawn cart. He seemed to be under some sort of spell and did not notice them. Raz stole aboard his cart and found casks of sweet smelling liquid and some odd sticky rice-like grain in a sack. After getting annoyed at the grain sticking to his clothing, he rubbed it off on Valdis. Immediately Valdis began hallucinating that he was getting attacked and began swinging wildly. In the process of subduing him, Valdis hit the sack of grain, spilling its contents on to the party. Taras began hallucinating as well and transformed into bear form during the rampage.

In the process of subduing Taras, he was killed by the poisonous liquid in the casks. The party unsuccessfully tried to revive him.

Session 5: The Shaman's Dilemna

The adventure began on the 16th day of Gaol in the year 1275 LP.

The characters raced across the wildlands, desperate for anyone that could heal their friend, Rigg. As he bled out across the plains the situation became more dire.

Finally, when all hope was lost, they encountered a single Korum shaman, sitting in the middle of the plains. As they approached he simply said, “The spirits foretold your coming. Bring me your friend so that I may heal him.”

Scooping up a clump of dirt and grass from the earth he pressed it deeply into Rigg’s wounds. Then he used some herbs and water to make a paste that applied to Rigg’s chest and began chanting and inscribing runes in the ground.

He told the party to make camp since they were not going to be moving for awhile.

For 10 days they camped there, tending to Rigg as he slipped into fever and delirium and hovered on the edge of death.

The shaman’s name was Taras and he was a member of the Eagle Claw tribe. Every once in awhile Eagle Claw tribesmen would come bearing food and supplies for the party.

On the tenth day a young tribesmen came riding into their camp exclaiming that Taras was needed in the village and they had to leave. After a brief discussion with the youth, Taras grimly told the party that they would have to move Rigg and hope for the best. After gathering their things they headed for the encampment.

Once they got there they became embroiled in the political struggles of the tribe. A number of tribesmen were urging to wage war on the Lorathians and the Thain of the tribe seemed angry at Taras for bringing the party to the camp.

Rigg revived and Taras told them that a group of tribesmen had gone to Misgarad and returned changed people. This was when the trouble started in the tribe. The party decided to go with him to Misgarad and try and discover the source of the problems.

The party set off for Misgarad the next day. That night Taras communed with Boromulus, the Lord of the Plains, an aurox of great age and wisdom. He explained that the great serpent Naga Loth had taken over Misgarad and swayed the people there to her cause. They needed to defeat Naga Loth to end the spell over the Korum tribes.

Session 3b: The Mystery Thickens in Hillbarrow

The adventure began on the 9th day of Gaol, in the year 1275 LP.

Raz parted ways with the others and began the journey back to Hillbarrow. As the sun rose in the sky and he pulled into Hoppenhead, Raz thought about how much had changed in a mere 48 hours. He stabled his horse at Foran’s inn, and stashed the sack of heads beneath a bale of hay in the stable.

When he walked in he greeted Foran the bartender and chatted with the regulars. He heard that refugees from the north had begun travelling south to Goldleaf. Meanwhile an Imperial envoy had been sent from Goldleaf to Fogon to try and broker peace in the region. This struck Raz as unusual since storm season was near and there was a good chance the envoy would be trapped in the north for weeks until the storms passed or be forced to the eastern overland pass to make it home; a lengthy and costly journey.

The next day Raz rode out to Hillbarrow. The hardest part of his journey was going to be sneaking the sack of heads into the city. Raz decided to collect as much manure as he could between Hoppenhead and Hillbarrow and shove it into the sacks with the heads. By the time he reached Hillbarrow he had 3 large bags loaded with manure. Disguising himself as a poor villager delivering fertilizer for a nobleman’s courtyard, the guards waived him through quickly.

Raz rode straight to Tipsy and Maven’s and delivered the heads in the sacks to Dentros and collected his bounty. While there he overheard a young woman named Lisene talking to Dentros, inquiring about a large oafish boy carrying a non-descript shield. Dentros said he didn’t know anybody fitting that description. The woman mentioned that she was working on behalf of the High Septon of the Church, and that any attempts to hide information might have “spiritual repercussions”. Dentros laughed at her and said he would keep his eyes and ears open for any news he could report back to her next time she was in town.

Raz collected the bounty and departed for Sembaline the next day.

Session 3a: Tracking the Monster

The adventure began on the 9th day of Gaol, in the year 1275 LP.

When the party awoke the next morning and broke camp, Valdis was eager to start tracking the creature that had escaped from the tower. The sound of it’s painful cries still in his mind, he tried to comprehend how the creature might be tied to the word, “Surnereth.” He made his case to the party that their next steps lay to the west in pursuit of the monster.

Raz pointed out that carrying the severed heads of the bandits across the Lorathian plains would become very unappealing very fast. The blood from the heads had already start to seep through the bags they were in, flies were buzzing around, and the stink of the heads had already started to become noticeable.

Rigg and Marlin questioned whether it was worth going back to Hillbarrow since Dentros did not appear to be the most trustworthy of folks. Raz said he was sure Dentros would honor the bounty, since the money would barely put a dent in his coffers. Besides, he was pretty sure that Dentros would be surprised that they survived the assault on the Salaran’s Tower. At this point Valdis became upset and asked what Raz’s relationship to Dentros was, exactly. How did they know he wasn’t in league with Dentros and would double-cross them at the first opportunity. Raz calmly explained that his debts to Dentros were his own, and they would be repaid in due time and that was all anybody needs to know for the time being. Marlin pointed out that if Raz was in league with Dentros the best way to get him out of their hair would be to send him to collect the bounty. If he returned with the money that probably meant everything was legit. If he didn’t return they weren’t going to get the money anyway.

It was decided that Raz would travel to Hillbarrow and collect the bounty that the crew had earned. The rest of the crew would track the creature. They agreed to send a message to Hillbarrow telling Raz where to reunite and the party would meet up in five days time.

Rigg, Marlin, and Valdis headed west after the creature, with Marlin leading the way. The lack of rain over the last several weeks, combined with the creatures large size and lack of subtlety, made the trail easy to follow. The movements of the creature were unerring for miles at a time, and Marlin found the trail easy to follow.

As the party crested a hill, the trail became easier to follow and more horrific at the same time. Where large footprints once marked the creatures passage, now fresh pools of dried blood marked the scene. The party gazed in horror at the body of a young shepherd boy with his skull smashed in. Pieces of an animal carcass were strewn about the scene. Slowly, the characters realized that the shepherd had died trying to protect one of his sheep. No doubt the creature had decided to stop for food and had found easy prey.

As they were investigating the body, villagers came upon the scene to take the body of the boy back to their village. They explained that a hunting party was in the area trying to track down the barbarians responsible for this murder. Valdis and Marlin tried to explain that this was not the work of the Korum tribes to the south, but foul magics that had been unleashed in the tower. Wary of being accused of being responsible for the death of the boy, they spoke in vague terms and the villagers dismissed them as being ignorant of how savage the barbarians could truly be. After a few minutes to wrap the dead shepherd, and assuring themselves that the party had not looted the body, the villagers decided that the characters were no threat and told them to stay out of the way of their vengeance.

After another day of travel they came across a more terrifying scene. Apparently, the village hunting party had come across a Korum woman traveling alone, or had separated her from her people. Her clothing stripped off, she had been flogged and beaten and nailed to a tree by tapping spikes through her hands. As Valdis and Rigg stared on in horror, Marlin checked to make sure the woman was truly dead and beyond assistance. Marlin shook his head as he turned back to the party. Looking at Rigg’s expression, it was apparent that the woman was still alive when she had been nailed to the tree. The party took off on the trail once again, now determined to spend as little time in the wild lands as possible.

It wasn’t long before they were overtaken by a Korum war party on horseback. They found themselves encircled and forced to surrender to the justice of the Chieftain of the Bear Claw Tribe. The Korum leader suggested they could await justice in the south in front of the chieftain or have it handed out by sword point where they stood. The chieftain’s daughter had been killed and the blood of a hundred Lorathians would serve as justice. Rigg and Marlin began to plead their case, explaining that they were on the trail of the killers as well. Marlin offered their assistance in bringing the killers to justice. After a few moments of tense negotiating, the barbarian agreed but told them that if they thought of double crossing the Korum their death would be swift and merciless. They set off in search of the murderers, Valdis looking back longingly at the trail of the creature that they were leaving behind. Along the way the characters chatted with the barbarians, probing for information about the creature that they were after. The barbarian warlord explained that the Korum legends tell of a demon that roams the plains dispensing justice on those whose ancestors had done a terrible wrong. This creature is called the Dorum-Nore and some believe that it has` returned to the plains.

After a few hours hard ride, a scout came back and told the warlord that the villagers responsible for the murder were encamped just over a hill about a mile away, and they were unaware of their presence. The warlord turned to the party and told them to prepare themselves for battle.

The barbarians charaged over the hill, screaming war cries and reigning arrows down on the villagers. The warlord decapitated a villager before his victim could even get his sword from his scabbard. A villager managed to take down one of the Korum with a well placed arrow, and the battle was joined.

As the party realized that the intent of this attack was not to capture the villagers, and they were in the midst of a brewing power struggle that they had nothing to do with, Valdis urged them to flee while both sides were locked in battle. Rigg and Marlin agreed and the characters took off at full gallop for safety. Realizing their only chance was to make it to the city walls of Sembaline, they abandoned the trail of the creature and fled towards the city. After a half days ride at full speed, they made it to the walls of Sembaline. Their horses were panting and on the verge of collapse as they entered the city gates. After inquiring in town for a place to stay, they made their way to the Fox & Finn, a pleasant inn run by a fiery woman named Eurid. The party cleaned up and Rigg went to the rookery to send a message to Raz while Marlin and Valdis went to the market to stock up on supplies. Valdis also made arrangements to meet with a sage at the temple to uncover more about his past and the crest that his father had given him.

Session 2: To the Tower

The adventure began on the 6th day of Gaol, in the year 1275 LP.

After Marlin met with Loras the High Priest of the Hillbarrow Church and Raz had procured 4 horses for the party, the four adventurers set out from Hillbarrow to the ruined tower of Salaran the Mad. Hot on the trail of the criminals who had murdered Delel the Sage, they stopped in the town of Hoppenhead after a days ride. Walking through the simple wooden arch into the courtyard of the small village, they noticed the ancient rune covered stone on the raised platform in the center of the courtyard. After the party checked into the local inn, Raz and Marlin quickly took up a game of knife throwing with two local Kaleromadi youth, Rorn and Valenorin. Meanwhile, Valdis and Rigg sat at a table and made small talk with the locals. It became apparent that the party’s targets had made their way through town the day before.

The next day the party set out for Salaran’s tower, bidding farewell to Foran, the bartender. After traveling for a while they heard music coming from over the hill and they spied a young man dancing wildly on the hill top. As they got closer the sky grew darker and the air seemed to shift slightly. The party dismounted from their horses and moved closer to investigate. White mushrooms sprouted from the ground in a circle around the boy. They could see at this point that his face was contorted in pain and he was out of control. Marlin attempted to throw a grappling hook into the ring and pull the kid out of the circle, but the rope burned almost immediately and the hook fell inside the circle.

At this point a small humanoid appeared from behind the party and introduced himself as Shanter, Lord of the Pujke, the Goblin King. The boy was entertainment for him, he explained and would be returned to his family once he grew tiresome. Valdis sought to secure the boy’s freedom by challenging the Goblin King to a musical duel. Amused, Shanter suggested they play “The Lore Of Gryphon’s Spur”. Valdis lost the competition and Raz offered to humor the Goblin King by answering three riddles. The first two were answered correctly but the last riddle was two parts and one of them was answered incorrectly, so the boy remained with the Goblin King.

The party quickly remounted their horses and headed to the tower. Once they arrived they waited for nightfall, dismounted their horses and planned their attack. It was decided that Raz would look around and then climb to a second story window, scout out the inside of the tower and then signal to the others to storm the front, taking their targets unaware. Once there he realized that there were two targets on the third floor and three on the first floor playing cards. On of the figures on the third floor was involved in some ritual chanting. Rigg climbed up as well and the two set about planning the ambush from above while Valdis and Marlin planned to storm the front.

Valdis and Marlin burst through the front door and the battle was joined as the brigands jumped on the defensive. Raz and Rigg came down the stairs and Raz struck out with his two hand axes as Rigg shot his bow from the stairwell. As the battle was joined, Valdis’ shield began to glow a faint blue, and ancient runes blazed on the rim of the shield. At this point a large explosion was heard from above on the third floor. While the first two enemies fell quickly, their leader proved troublesome as he took on both Valdis and Marlin simultaneously as he retreated towards the front door. Rigg was trying to get an arrow shot in on the leader when he felt a piercing pain in his rear thigh. Turning around he realized in horror that a large multi-legged insect had grabbed ahold of him with his mandibles and was trying to wrest him to the floor. Shouting out in pain, Rigg tried to break free as Raz rushed to his side and attempted to kill the beast with his dual tomahawks. Valdis and Marlin were now left to face the bandit leader by themselves.

A piercing scream was heard from the third floor and then it was suddenly quiet.

As the brigand leader made a dash for the door he was cut down by the party. Raz and Rigg quickly dispatched of the centipede like horror. Rigg’s wound began to fester and ooze, and he felt light headed. After catching their breath for a moment and securing the room, they headed upstairs to the third floor. Valdis led the way to the third floor landing where they saw the damage that had been done. Rigg threw up on the stairwell, overcome by his wound.

They stared in horror at the blown apart doorway to the inner sanctum of the tower. The robed brigand was dead on the floor at their feet, bloodied and mangled with splinters of the wooden door embedded in his flesh. Looking through the now open portal they spied the final brigand, in the center of what appeared to be a massive jellyfish that took up the whole room. The bandit’s face contorted in a silent scream and blood was seeping out of his flaying skin inside the translucent creature. Valdis stood in the entryway, frozen by shock when a sharp pain on his wrist snapped him back to reality. Looking down he saw several translucent tentacles moving across the room, radiating out from the creature. One of them had wrapped around Valdis’ wrist. In the seam from his gauntlet and his arm sleeve, it had worked its way to his skin and he felt a jabbing pain as his skin began to blister and peel away. He slashed at it with his sword and cut himself free. Another tentacle wrapped around Marlin’s leg, and he felt the burning pain and found himself frozen in place, unable to move.

Suddenly, they heard a loud knocking from downstairs, accompanied by muffled shouts. After a few seconds they heard the sound of another door shattering. Freeing Marlin from the jellyfish horror, they dragged his still paralyzed body down the stairs. They had made up their minds to escape with their lives if they could, as the party was beaten and close to exhaustion.

When they looked down the second floor landing into the open entryway to the tower they saw a large humanoid, his body a patchwork of stitches and scars. Long, stringy hair matted his yellowish skull, and his mouth was sliced open in a way to give him a wicked, angular smile. His hands were large, and blood dripped down them. It was obvious that he had come from the splintered door to the tower basement. Taking no notice of the players, he yelled out in agony, “Surnereth!” and bounded through the tower entrance into the night. Valdis made a move to chase him, spurred on by his desire to confront the creature, but Raz grabbed him and told him that the party was hanging by a thread and the poisonous bite that Rigg had taken needed to be attended to. Reluctantly, Valdis returned to the group, but not before promising he would track the creature to the ends of loerth if necessary.

The party examined the basement the creature had come from and saw even more horrors. A large stone slab stood in the center of the room, obviously some sort of laboratory. Broken chains and blood stains covered the slab. Piled in the far corner were a number of small bodies; corpses of children that had been preserved through centuries. A wave of nausea overcame Rigg again. On the wall were a series of swords and shields, all inscribed with the double headed dragon sigil that Valdis had begun his quest in search of. Remembering their original mission, they quickly decapitated the heads of the three brigands they had access to and escaped from the tower into the night…

The Party Meets

The adventure began on the 5th day of Gaol, in the year 1275 LP.

Through a series of events, the various members of the party find themselves in the LP Church in Hillbarrow at the same time requesting an audience with a local cleric named Delel the Sage. As a young acolyte left to find him, it was discovered that Delel had been murdered in his quarters.

After being questioned by Ferris, Captain of the Hillbarrow Guard the characters were let go. They spoke to a young acolyte who gave them a little bit of insight into Delel’s reputation among the priesthood. Delel was a historian who funded expeditions into the wild lands. The PCs made inquiry into how to get in touch with the adventurers that Delel funded and were told to head to Tipsy and Mavens a local tavern that catered to some of the rougher segments of Hillbarrow.

The characters went to Tipsy & Mavens, and it became apparent that Raz had some prior dealings with one of the regulars that frequented the establishment, a man named Dentros Malarm. Dentros claimed to know who murdered Delel. He also claimed to have it on good authority that the murderers were heading to Salaram’s Tower, a ruin about two days ride from Hillbarrow. He offered 100 gold pieces for each head the PCs can bring back for him.

Raz offered to secure horses for the group and told them to meet him the next day at noon. Everyone left to equip themselves. Marlin scheduled an appointment with a high ranking priest of the Church for the next morning and went off by himself to the meeting. The first session ended with the PCs agreeing to meet up in pursuit of the murderers.


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