Coral Guard

Code of the Coral Guard

Justice Will Be Served
Honor Will Be Upheld
The Self Will Be Mastered
And We Will Be One With Mother Ocean

The Coral Guard is an organization of great power, shrouded in mystery. They are the defenders of the Coral City, a mythical city that is said to exist beneath the waves. The members of the Guard are men and women who walk among the Far Islands and claim to bring order and justice to the seas. The group functions very similarly to the US Marshal Service, pursuing fugitives and criminals across borders and kingdoms. It is unclear who sets the priorities for this group, or even what laws the criminals answer to when they are caught. Guardsmen speak of criminals “standing trial beneath the waves” but details past that are sketchy.

It is said that guardsmen are recruited from orphanages in port cities, and even that children who are aboard capsized ships may be saved and raised by the Guard, but all of this is pure conjecture. It is also said that all Coral Guardsmen surrender themselves to the ocean at the end of their lives by walking into the sea and becoming one with Mother Ocean.

What is the method to summon the Coral Guard to a cause? No one knows. In various islands differing methods are used, but no one really knows what works. Elaborate dances and ceremonies have been created by some cultures. Some people simply throw messages in a sealed bottle into the waves, or inscribe their cause on tiny wooden ships. The Coral Guards have helped all of these cultures in one form or another, but have never revealed what led to the assistance. The Guards themselves offer no clues on their pasts or motivations.

Coral Guard

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