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Magic User Spells

1st level spells

Range: 10 ft
Duration: 1 hr/level
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: None

Cantrips are minor spells studied by wizards during apprenticeships. They are the most basic form of magic. They are unlimited use spells, and can be cast by wizards with no risk of wild side effects or blacking out from exhaustion. The cantrip is a minor magical effect that is severely limited. They cannot do damage, cannot affect the concentration of the target, and can only create small, obviously magical materials. Furthermore, any effects last only as long as the wizard is concentrating. Materials created by cantrips are extremely fragile and cannot be used as tools. Wizards typically use cantrips as harmless special effects such as dusting a room, seasoning food, making an object glow slightly, or making a mini fireworks display at ground level.

Fire Burst
Range 5 yds/level
Area of Effect 10’ radius circle

When this spell is cast a selected fire source (must be pre-existing) flashes and shoots arrows of flame in all directions. All creatures within 10’ suffer 1 hp dmg per level of the caster (max 10). Save vs. spell effect is allowed to avoid damage.

Feather Fly
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round/level

Allows the caster to grow a feather membrane on their sides that allows them to glide five feet for every 1 foot of elevation.

Ride the Wind
Range: 5 yds/level
Duration: 1 turn/level

This spell allows target creatures to become weightless and be lifted by the wind. Affected creatures can affect their altitude, but are blown about in the direction of the wind. Targets can save to negate the effects.

Sixth Level Spells

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn/level
Area of Effect: 1 person

This spell transforms the target so their appearance, voice, and mannerisms are identical to another person. The caster must have met the other person before

Druid Spells

1st level spells

Lasting Breath
Range Touch
Duration 1d4+1 rounds
Area of Effect: 1 creature/level

This spell increases the amount of time a character can hold his breath underwater (normally 1/3 CON rounds) by 1d4 round +1 round per level. Duration is always unknown to the recipient.

Range: 10 yds
Area of Effect: 10’

This spell allows the caster to piece together broken items to see what they appeared like before they broke. This spell does not physically reassemble the item, but merely displays an illusion of the item in a mended state for anyone within the area of effect to see. This is useful for tracking, investigating, and historical research.

2nd level spells

Earthen Grasp
Range: 10yds + 10yds/level
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level

This spell causes an arm made of soil to rise from the earth and attempt to grasp/entangle a subject’s legs. A saving throw is required each round for the duration of the spell to avoid being grabbed. If grabbed the subject suffers a -2 penalty to AC and attack and damage rolls. All Dexterity bonuses are negated for grabbed subjects as well.

The arm has an AC of 5 and hit points equal to double the spellcasters.

Third Level spells

Spirit Animal Form
Range: Touch
Duration: 1d10 days

This spell allows the druid to transform themselves or another person into the spirit animal of their tribe. It is done by carving a rune into the bone of a spirit animal and filling the rune with the blood of the target person. The whole process takes approximately 1 hour to do. The target has all of the stats of the target animal, but can retain his/her intellect and free will.

Range: 30 yards
Duration: 1 turn/level

This spell allows the druid to give confidence and rage to 10 HD of their allies per level of the spellcaster. The frenzy allows those affected to avoid morale checks and to attack/damage/save with +1 bonuses while under its effects. In addition, they gain 5 hit points for the purpose of combat. However, if at the end of the spells duration the loss of the 5 hit points would drop them below zero, they pass out and will die if left unattended.

Fourth Level Spells

Evil Eye
Range: Line of Sight
Duration: Until cancelled/negated

This spell causes the target to make all checks at -2 until cancelled. It can only be cancelled by a druid or priest of higher level.

New Spells

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