Cities and Towns

List of Locations in the Lorathian Empire

1. Hillbarrow – a mid sized town located on an important trade route between Goldleaf (the Imperial Capital) and Redtooth, a major city with access to protected sea trade routes to the north.

2. Redtooth – home of House Chalim, the family of the Emperor Juros Chalim. Redtooth is located along one of the few protected sailing routes to the North. It is said that all news of the Realm flows through Redtooth.

3. Goldleaf – the Imperial Capital, seat of the Throne of Emperor Juros Chalim III.

4. Gondolel – coastal city that is the center of the ramfish harvest on Lorathia

5. Dornhammer – the fabled city of the Dwarven Kingdom. Few have been there and those that have were never shown the way to be able to return. Located somewhere in the Rhi mountains along the west coast overlooking the Endurian Ocean, the dwarves trade openly with the human kingdoms, but guard their secrets jealously.

6. Fort Everguard – an outpost that butts up against the Crags, Fort Everguard is the last line of defense from the Orcen tribes that come in from the north to raid the Empire. Funded by Imperial taxes, Fort Everguard is home to a few hundred warriors and their families. The “city” consists of a tall, blunt defensible tower surrounded by solid stone walls with guard towers at each corner. It is said that Fort Everguard has stood through every Dragon Age.

7. Oakfall

8. The Ruins of Misgarad

9. Idris the elven city located somewhere in the Great Forest. Few humans claim they have seen this mysterious city and even fewer are telling the truth. The secretive elves are revered and feared in Lorathia, and their magics keep the city hidden from prying eyes.
Lorathian Architecture

10. Village of Hems

11. Dewarn is known as the City of Dusk. Dewarn is south of the Barrier Hills and west of Fort Everguard. Dewarn is known as a town of hardened folk with lofty ambitions.

Foreign Lands

1. Nimad

2. Jornhome

Cities and Towns

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