List of Deities

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Gods and Religions

Carth Magus – trickster, gambler god; magic

Ormagh – god of life, death, law & justice – death penalty is common and absolves criminal of sins; holy rite

Nemain – warrior god; served by the Keres a group of winged warrior women; guardian of Valhor

Lindura – fertility goddess -harvest – blood sacrifice

Arun – nature, beasts god – the hunter

Noradin – wind and sea god – symbol is the kraken; capricious, vengeful, but rewards loyalty

Saruna – sun goddess; queen of the harvest

Grumm – mountain god; god of the dwarves

Entros – chaos & destruction god

Lora and Luana – the Moon sisters are the demigods of the two moons
(red and blue) that circle the world. They are fickle and
tempermental and anger Noradin constantly.


The Five and The Outsiders

In addition to the main gods are the Lords of Chaos and the Lords of Nature that interfere in the plots of man and seem to have objectives of their own, independent of the gods.

List of Deities

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