Obsidian Portal Tips

Where things go

These are just general guidelines to keep in mind. This website is pretty flexible and you can dump things in lots of places. Put things where they make the most sense to you. We can always reorg it later.

Forums – the forums are great places to handle all the “between adventure” stuff like sidequests, PC downtime, and logistics of scheduling play times. Basically, anything that will have an effect on the campaign or playtime that would waste time during a session can be offlined here.

Calendar – integrates with iCal, Outlook, and GCal. I figured we could put our play times on here and use it to send out reminders and accept meeting times.

Wiki – This is where the bulk of the campaign data will be. I’ll put up info about major events, locations, and lore here. These pages are all editable by you as well, so feel free to add stuff as you see fit.

Also, you can send me msgs thru the portal by clicking on the Messages link in the upper right hand corner of the page (underneath your name). Feel free to use this to send me directions you want hidden from other party members between sessions.

Obsidian Portal Tips

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